About us

The Northwest Rural Health Network (NWRHN) is a nonprofit, multi-county network of rural health systems in eastern Washington, formed for the purposes of sharing resources, promoting operational efficiencies, and improving health care services for member health systems and the rural communities they serve. Initially organized in 2002 as the Critical Access Hospital Network, the NWRHN has grown in size and scope with support from Health Resources Services Administration’s Office of Rural Health Policy and Rural Network Grant Program, the Washington State Flex Program, and its rural health system member organizations.

NWRHN’s fifteen member health systems vary in size and in the resources and services they offer to their communities. However, they are united by a common Mission:

The NWRHN shares resources and collectively supports rural health systems to develop integrated models of care.

A focus on shared resources and collective action also drives the organization’s Vision:

The NWRHN collectively contracts for and supports cost effective high quality population health services in rural communities through the development of individual community capacity and innovative partnerships.

Structured as a non-profit Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), the NWRHN is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from member hospitals. The Board operates according to By-Laws that identify the delegation of authority and define each party’s role, responsibilities, and authorities.  An Executive Committee consisting of the Board President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer facilitate agenda planning and operations for the Board. An Executive Director reports to the Board and implements all NWRHN activities.