Executive Director

Throughout her career, Jac Davies has been passionate about helping people become and stay healthy. She worked for 17 years at the Washington State Department of Health in Seattle and Olympia, starting as a chemist focused on safe drinking water and ending as Assistant Secretary for the Division of Epidemiology, Health Statistics and Public Health Laboratories, overseeing programs to prevent and control disease outbreaks and provide data to inform population health strategies and actions. After deciding to move to a region with more seasons and less traffic, Jac worked for ten years at Inland Northwest Health Services in Spokane, leading programs to expand the use of telehealth for rural communities, implement workplace wellness initiatives, and improve healthcare through the use of health information technology. Jac has also provided consulting services to public health organizations, employer groups, and healthcare collaboratives in the areas of health informatics, healthcare transformation, project management and strategic planning.

As Executive Director for the Northwest Rural Health Network, Jac is responsible for leading planning and implementation of programs that support collaboration and communication between network members, with an emphasis on improving access to care for rural residents and helping member health systems provide efficient, effective services. She also writes and administers grants that support network and individual member activities.