The fifteen members of the Northwest Rural Health Network (NWRHN) are located in diverse communities ranging from the agricultural rich town of Sunnyside to the beautiful mountain retreat of Republic.  The communities also differ in size, from the almost 1,000 residents of Odessa to the more than 30,000 residents in Pullman.

While there are differences in the communities and regions they serve, the NWRHN members are united by a commitment to strong rural health systems. They understand that without a strong local health system, rural communities struggle to survive. The local health system not only provides critically important services to help residents and visitors stay healthy, but also provides jobs and helps attract employers to the community.

Members of the NWRHN have identified five strategic priorities that will help assure the strength and viability of rural health systems:

  • Leadership – The CEO of each NWRHN member fully commits to leading the transition from volume-based to value-based health care.
  • Partnerships – Each NWRHN member participates in its local ‘Accountable Community  of Health-like’ (ACH-like) organization and has in place clear definitions of accountability to that partnership.
  • Care Management – Each NWRHN member provides the right care, at the right place, at the right time.
  • Information Management – Each NWRHN member provides accurate, timely and relevant data in support of both its own operations and the work of the NWRHN as a whole.
  • Operational Efficiencies and Quality – Each NWRHN member documents improved quality of care and decreased cost per patient individually and as part of the NWRHN as a whole.

The NWRHN welcomes membership applications from other organizations that share the organization’s commitment to rural communities. All members must be willing to commit to the NWRHN mission and vision and to the strategic priorities.

For more information on membership, please send a request using the Contact form.